Hello! 🙂

How to use this website

The menu icon menu in the top corner will allow you to pick an entry by date or by a specific book of the Bible. All our entries are from 2017, but you can still follow the daily schedule. 

Our goal is to help Christians get into the habit of reading the Bible on a consistent basis. We have numbered the entries in such a way that you can feel free to begin at any point during the year.

There are various videos throughout the entries in order to assist with explanations for each part of the Bible, specific texts that are particularly difficult to understand, as well as some helpful biographies of key figures or concepts. These amazing videos are all free to view courtesy of The Bible Project. Click this link to connect to their Youtube page. 

How to understand what is being read

Everybody’s a little bit different, especially when it comes to reading. Perhaps you hate reading and prefer to listen to somebody read aloud the text to you. Perhaps English is not your first language or you’ve never opened a Bible before in your life. We have given you two options for every entry: You can read the text in the New Living Translation (NTL), as it is a user-friendly translation (for both lifelong church goers or newfound converts), or you can listen to the text be read aloud in the English Standard Version (ESV) translation. This translation is a little more formal, but hearing the words aloud can help reinforce what is being spoken.

The links connect you to a website with many, many other translation options. Don’t be afraid to try different versions until you find the one best suited for you! 🙂 (Note: The ERV, Easy Reader’s Version is written for a third-grade reading level and the KJV, King James Version is probably the most difficult level due to the archaic language.)

I need my own Bible but don’t know where to start

If you do not currently own a Bible (or have trouble understanding the one you’ve got), please feel free to email us at GreystoneChurchRI@gmail.com for assistance. If you are geographically close to our church, we can help by picking out a Bible for you based on your preferences.  Unfortunately, at this time if you are not near our church we are unable to pick out and bring you a Bible but we will do everything we can to help connect you to a website or store in your area where you can purchase a Bible for yourself.